All Ages

Awesome Adult & Me

In this workshop kids and parents work side-by-side to create spiral tie-dye shirts. With hands-on, professional instruction students are guided through the process of folding and dyeing their own unique shirt. Children and adults alike delight in creating such a vibrant artwork, and parents receive the added bonus of seeing the pride in their children’s eyes as their hard work and creativity unfold before their eyes.

Our studio workshop ends with the kids putting their painted hands on my wall to leave their mark.

  • Age Range: ages 3-6 with an accompanying adult
  • Class Limit: limited to 10 participants
  • Duration: approximately 1 1/2 hours
  • Cost: $53 per pair (adult and child)

Drop & Dye Classes

For these short classes that are specifically designed for kiddos ages 3-8, we do the hard part of setting everything up so your kiddos can just jump right in! We have found that kids in this age range are not so excited about the folding, but love to dye, so we decided to open options to them beyond a basic spiral while taking care of the folding for them.

After you register, we will pre-fold a heart or color explosion onto the t-shirt in the size you request for your children. Then, for the class time they come in and dye. They get to do the fun part. They leave happy because they still had the artistic freedom to make it their very own creation.

In any Drop and Dye Class, adults can join in on the fun. If any parent or guardian wants to dye a shirt for him or herself while the child dyes a shirt, simply register and pay for a space in the class. A parent or guardian must remain in the studio with the child participant they registered for the class. While the kids hoola-hoop, color or bounce on the bouncy balls, we teach parents or guardians how to fold their own shirts. Then, you all have a color lesson and dye together.


  • Designs: Heart or Color Explosion
  • Age Range: 3-8 (adult must stay with their child)
  • Class Limit: 6 kids with accompanying adults
  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Cost: $30 per person

Tree Hugger

Hug the Earth and make a wearable one! Inspired by the belief that everyone can make a difference, we’ll take time out and do our part to help take care of our Earth. We will pick up trash, have snacks, dye t-shirts, make re-useable grocery bags and plant flower seeds for you to take home.

Join us at the studio. From there we will walk down Red Branch road (on the sidewalk) and collect any litter we see. We will also be looking for small rocks that we will need to dye the Earth shirts. After we help beautify the neighborhood, we will come back in for snacks. Then, we will dye Earth shirts. I will walk you through how to tie and dye the shirts with a little help from the rocks we found.

This is a family event. However, keep in mind, someone will need to keep an eye on any babies or toddlers while you dye. So, come in pairs 🙂 We’ll will wrap up the day by using the paper egg cartons as containers to plant organic seeds in organic soil. You get to take one home and watch it grow! Let it be a daily reminder that you took some time out of your schedule to take care of our Earth. Don’t forget to leave your mark on my wall.


  • Provided: Vinyl gloves, trash bags and buckets, materials and instruction. Snacks are provided.
  • What to Bring:
    • An old, clean t shirt that we can cut up and turn into a reusable shopping bag
    • Bring a peanut-free snack for yourself or snacks to share
    • Water in a reusable container for you to drink
  • Optional: If you should have any newspapers, toilet paper rolls, recycled paper egg cartons, Greek Yogurt cups, or tissue paper, please bring them along. I want to be sure I have plenty of art supplies on hand for you and future students.
  • Please Note: if you would rather purchase a new shirt to dye, let us know on the registration form.

Peaceful Pup

Be sure your best friend looks groovy. Come dye a tee and a bandanna for your doggie (stuffed animal doggie or living one).


  • Age Limit: All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Cost: $30 per person

Whatcha Wanna Do?

Come dye with me. As a group, we will decide on two designs that we will learn. Each teen chooses one. They dye a shirt using the same professional materials that I use as an artist. 🙂 You have access to my catalog of colors. This class does not limit the number of colors available. Depending on the design the teens choose, an additional $7 tool deposit may apply. When the tool is returned, undamaged, we give you back your moolah. The t-shirts are packaged with care information for the teens to take home. Best of all? We handle the cleanup!


  • Age Range: 13-17 years old
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Cost: Limited to 8 participants for $35.00 per person


Price quotes for private parties and classes are good for up to 90 days. After that time, prices are subject to change without notice.