Early Dismissal!

School’s Out Early!!!

Come Dye with us!

Dye a shirt for you and a small tapestry for a child in the hospital. Preregistration is required.

Tickets are $27 pp price includes all you need to tie-dye. This includes the blank shirt, a small blank tapestry that we will donate, and the professional dyes.

We will teach a few designs that you can pick from. We will be in small groups, so 50 minutes is plenty of time to tie and dye your shirt and a small tapestry for a child in the hospital.

1-1:50 pm Spiral and Scrunch

2-2:50 pm Spiral and Scrunch

3-3:50 pm Hearts (ages 8 and older) and Shapes

4-4:50 pm Rainbows (ages 8 and older)

A few times have age restrictions because it is tough for smaller children to understand and execute the folds. They are there to have fun. Besides, the young kids just wanna dye the shirts. That is everyone’s favorite part!


Tickets are by time. Please arrive promptly. I will be teaching in small groups. It is unfair to all other participants if you arrive late and I have to start all over again. So, please be kind and arrive so that we can all start together.

Once you have registered, please email me the t-shirt size of the participant. Erin@RollUpNDye.com

Otherwise, I may not have the size that you need. (ACK!)