Do we get to choose the designs?

For birthday parties and workshops for children ages 8 and under, and for other beginners, my assistants and I guide the children through the process of folding a spiral. It is the easiest for beginners, turns out great results. They are happy with and proud of what they have created. It is also one of the most popular tie dye patterns.
We like to keep the designs at parties simple in order to give each child plenty of one-on-one guidance with their creation. We reserve more advanced designs for small group workshops of 8 or less participants.

For children turning 10 and Tween/teen and Adult parties and workshops. The party host/hostess can choose ahead of time from a variety of designs.

Parties include basic design choices. If you prefer something more advanced, and the children are under the age of 9, there is an additional charge of $3 per participant. It will require us to prefold the main design or shape onto their shirt. The younger children can still fold the rest of the shirt, and dye it on their own.

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