Girl Scout Parties

Finding the right activities for your troop can be a challenge. Erin describes her philosophy behind Scout Troop parties that ROCK!

I have a lot of fond memories from the 12 years I spent as a Girl Scout, and aim to create fun memories for scouts of this generation. If there is a badge or patch I can help with, please let me know. Aside from just tie-dyeing, I can make time to discuss being an artist, my process, teaching art or questions about business. I can also talk with the kids about what I doing to keep my studio as green as possible.

We have had lots of Scout Troops tie-dye with us. You have options for how to structure your scout event. A few troops have held end-of-year parties, which is the same as the birthday party format. Other troops have had basic workshops. Below is information of the fun and exciting workshops we do, as well as what the parties are like!

We host parties both in our studio and at off-site locations. Up to 15 scouts can tie-dye during our parties, as well as one leader (who dyes for free!). During our parties, the kids are guided through the process of making their own high-quality tie-dyed t-shirt. From folding to tying and dyeing, the kids learn it all. We use visual examples to show a variety of dye applications and styles. Then, they get to create and dye their own shirts from one of the different types of patterns they learned. The psychedelic t-shirts are packaged with care instructions for the scouts to take home.

During the parties, time is allotted for snacks and then the studio is transformed into a dance floor with colorful lights, groovy tunes, bouncers, and hula hoops.
 We provide the 3 primary colors of tie dying: fuchsia, turquoise, and yellow. From these three, a rainbow of colors can be created. We also provide our favorite florescent green! It’s no problem if you want to request different colors. Just contact us so we can discuss other options.

Feeling Spontaneous?? Good! Between activities, attendees can have fun taking selfies with the help of my big bag o props. Post away! On Instagram or Twitter? Remember to tag me! #RollUpNDye

We also put hand prints on the wall. It allows the scouts to leave their mark on the studio walls — literally! Fear not. If the kiddos finish all their activities, and still want more, we have plenty of different kinds of crafts to keep their minds and hands busy!

Basic Scout Tie Dye Workshop Details

  • Cost: $27 per scout with a 10 participant minimum.
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • What’s Included: Party attendant, setup,  prewashed and prepared t-shirt, gloves, aprons, professional quality dyes, tie-dye instruction from an experienced tie-dye artist, cleanup
  • Feeling Spontaneous?? Good! Between activities, attendees can have fun taking selfies with the help of my big bag o props. Post away! On Instagram or Twitter? Remember to tag me! #RollUpNDye
  • Optional Add-ons:
    • Older Kids: If you prefer something more advanced, and the children are under the age of 9, there is an additional charge of $5 per participant. It will require us to prefold the main design or shape onto their shirt. Even though the design is pre-folded, I will take time to demonstrate how I did the folding so that they understand why their shirt looks like it does, and be able to navigate the folded shirt when applying the dye.
    • Custom Screen printed design on the shirts: (prices vary)
    • Tree Hugger: $0, See Sustainability page for details

Please note: These parties vary depending on the age of the scouts, and number of participants. Contact us so that we can customize this scout workshop to meet your specific needs.

Price quotes for private parties and classes are good for up to 90 days. After that time, prices are subject to change without notice.