About Us

Roll Up N Dye is a woman-owned tie-dye studio located in Columbia, Maryland. The studio creates an extensive line of hand-dyed apparel and tapestries. Retail items include apparel for infants, toddlers, children and adult sizes in vibrant colors and patterns. In addition to retail, Roll Up N Dye operates as a mobile tie-dye studio bringing the ability to create your own shirts to your location. Customers receive a t-shirt and prepared dyes along with professional instruction for a hands-on experience in creating a custom, wearable artwork.

Meet the Team!

I am so thankful for all of these wonderful folks who keep us Rollin’. I couldn’t ask for a more talented, dedicated group of people to work with.

Portrait of Erin Cassell, Founder of Roll Up 'N Dye

Erin Cassell

I have been a lover of tie dye since my college days, studying theatre at Western Maryland College over 10 years ago. Back in June of 2011, after being asked to teach tie dye to a group of 50 kids at a summer camp, a light bulb went off. I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up! I was inspired to start a tie dye company. So, I started my company, Roll Up N Dye, out of my garage, in July 2011 that same year. My only option was to travel to the parties and events.

Eventually, I outgrew my garage, and found studio space. I love to hold workshops and parties in my studio on Red Branch Road in Columbia, Maryland. Now folks have the option of to coming to us. Cool, right? I teach kids and adults how to make their own art pieces. I can do in home birthday parties and events at Cultural Festivals, Arts Festivals, and all kinds of other places.

I love creating all types of tie dyed items. Tie dyeing and teaching others combines my love of performance, teaching, art, fitness, giving back to the community. I am living in a dream. I hope you will come be a part of this colorful world, of tie dye!

I am a mom to an awesome, independent, free-thinking little girl. I love to swim with the Columbia Masters Team, and spend time with family and friends.


Portrait of Sarah Granai

Sarah Granai

Sarah has been my AMAZING assistant since August 2012. She is the organizational mastermind who keeps me in line!! She has become an absolutely essential part of Roll Up N Dye. I couldn’t keep up if it wasn’t for her. She is better at mixing the dyes than me! Before working here she worked for the Howard County Public School System in a preschool program for children with special needs. When she is not working she loves spending time with her family and friends. She lives in Columbia, MD with her husband and two children.


An image of the sculptural artwork of Melissa Burley

Melissa Burley

Melissa Burley is my festival sidekick and Party assistant. She graduated with an Art Degree from Maryland University. She took her of love of design, and skill with colorful composition and worked as a floral designer for 20 years. She currently works at Artex as an art handler. She is also a very talented sculptor. She is a resident artist at Montpelier Center for the Arts in Laurel, Maryland. She helps out at parties and is my sidekick at festivals. She is a blast and is probably the most chill person I know. You can see her work at her website.


A portrait of Katy Dankhert

Katy Dankhert

Katy has a Theater degree from American University. I used to travel with her company: The Lost Caravan: Touring Children’s Theater (back when she was 17!!!). She is also a fellow artist who shares my studio space where she creates unique upcycled bags and accessories for her Etsy store.


A portrait of Carly Kriewald

Carly Kriewald

Carly is my Party Assistant and Face Painter. She currently teaches art (as well as some other subjects) at Old Mill Middle School South, in her homeland of Millersville, MD. She enjoys helping children of all ages. She often assists with birthday parties and at larger off-site events. She is also the resident face painter. More like face transformer. She turns these kids into superheroes, animals and even cheeseburgers with just a few strokes of her brush.


A portrait of Will Yan

Will Yan

Will is a senior in high school who is energetic about life and hard-working. He has been employed in Roll Up ‘N Dye for almost a year.


A portrait of Emily Paul

Emily Paul

Emily is a Party Assistant. As a high school student, energy is carefully divided three ways: grades, extracurriculars, and sleep. Emily wishes the majority of time could be coordinated towards sleep, but alas, tests exist and so does the method of cramming (although her grades are pretty good when all is said and done).


The Business Team behind Roll Up 'N Dye

Business Team

As a small business owner, I have come to depend on swimming in order to keep my mind from racing, to help me focus, to relieve stress. It is my moving meditation. Swimming keeps me sane. I melt into the water and feel like it holds me, it supports me and my stresses melt away. My mind enters into a place of peace. Maria the small business coach, Coach Sue, Sara the book keeper, Angie social media guru and blogger, and Jess the tax attorney (not pictured), …it seems so many other team mates either help me with my business, purchase my art, spread the word about my workshops, or attend my workshops. These amazing women, my friends, these career retired super moms volunteer their talents to help me keep up with the business part of business. (it requires numbers and other stuff that hurts my brain). I am so grateful for them!


A portrait of Diane


Diane is an active retiree who loves the arts and still finds time to continue her study’s in many art mediums throughout the Laurel area where she resides.


A portrait of Leigh Taylor

Leigh Taylor

As a career-long Holistic Health Practitioner and Artistic “Dibbler-Dabbler” with aspirations to establish a sustainable farmstead, Leigh is one of our newest busy worker bees. She grew up here in Columbia, and is eager to help RND streamline in order to continue growing into its fullest potential. When she’s not working, farming or creating, she enjoys outdoor recreational activities, cooking-n-eating, repairing bikes, thrift store hopping, studying metaphysics, journaling, and supporting her partner Judah’s ever-promising musical pursuits at his multimedia soundstage in Baltimore City.