Is this educational?

I use visual examples to show the children different ways they can dye their shirts to create different types of spirals. I teach the kids how to create the entire color spectrum using only fuchsia, turquoise and yellow. Upon request, for ages 8 and up, I do a coloring activity. We may even bust out the whiteboard. This interactive method helps to reinforce how to create the secondary colors using only the three primary. For the younger children, we teach it on a more age-appropriate level. They see what we teach them unfold before their very eyes. It is always so awesome to watch their eyes brighten as they see what they can create.

Can I bring my own shirt?

In most cases, no. The prewash detergent I use preps the cotton to better absorb the dyes. We also need the shirts before the day you dye. We need to prep and pre-soak the shirts ahead of time for better results.
Please contact me if you are thinking of this as an option at

Is hosting a party outside your studio messy?

Gloves and aprons are provided to protect skin and clothes. In art, like life, accidents can happen so we do recommend wearing clothing you don’t mind staining.

Worried about floors in your home? Fear not, I have 100×40 foot tarp to keep things tidy. I have even been successful conducting parties over white carpet.