Do we get to choose the designs?

For birthday parties and workshops for children ages 11 and under, and for other beginners, my assistants and I guide the children through the process of folding a spiral. It is the easiest for beginners and turns out great results.

If you prefer something more advanced, and the children are under the age of 11, there is an additional charge of $5 per participant (groups of 15 or less). It will require us to pre-fold the main design or shape onto their shirt. Even though the design is pre-folded, I will take time to demonstrate how I did the folding so that they understand why their shirt looks like it does, and so they will be able to navigate the folded shirt when applying the dye. If the participants are age 11 or older, we will need an additional hour of studio time ($50) for the participants to fold their shirts. This option for ages 11 and older is only available for groups of 10 or fewer participants.

For children turning 11 and Tween/teen and Adult parties and workshops, The party host/hostess can choose ahead of time from a variety of designs.

Can I bring my own shirt?

In most cases, no. The prewash detergent I use preps the cotton to better absorb the dyes. We also need the shirts before the day you dye. We need to prep and pre-soak the shirts ahead of time for better results.
Please contact me if you are thinking of this as an option at

Should I bring another activity or craft?

I always recommend if you are doing a party at your home, that you have another craft other activities planned. We have yet to need extra crafts or games during in-studio parties. We have a craft included in the Party 2DY4 and the post-dye dance party.

Can you handle large groups?

Yes, we have dyed with large groups outside of the studio (approx. 200 people) and we can do bigger or smaller. Not a problem. Bring it on!!

Is there a charge to come to a location besides the studio?

We can come to you. We will travel to pretty much anywhere. To come to you we will charge an additional $50.

If you are 16 miles or farther away from our studio, please contact us to discuss the specific costs of coming to your location.

Is hosting a party outside your studio messy?

Gloves and aprons are provided to protect skin and clothes. In art, like life, accidents can happen so we do recommend wearing clothing you don’t mind staining.

Worried about floors in your home? Fear not, I have 100×40 foot tarp to keep things tidy. I have even been successful conducting parties over white carpet.