I booked an in-studio birthday party, now what?

Now that we have your reservation all set, let’s move on to what I need from you in order to create an awesome party for your kiddo.

I need your phone number and email.

If you have chosen the Children’s Party 2DY4 or upgraded your 90-minute Kid’s Party to include the custom gift option, I need to know your kiddo’s t-shirt size and what type of t-shirt and colors they would like as my gift to them. Heart, spiral, mouse, or football. If they prefer something else, please, let me know. I am flexible. I will do my best to accommodate their request. I need to know this at least 3 weeks before the party. Otherwise, I will just create a design as a gift to give to them. (This is not included in the 90-minute party. However, it can be added for an additional fee. Please contact me for a full quote.)

I need to know what 3 colors of dyes you prefer to have. The primary set we offer is actually 4 colors (turquoise, fuchsia, and yellow, plus the popular BRIGHT green). These colors are my personal favorites, because they are the most versatile. From these colors you can get pretty much any color of the rainbow. If you would like other colors, though, let me know what colors you like, and I can figure out what combination will work the best. Pink, blue and purple OR Turquoise, Lime Green, and Fuchsia Pink and are also a nice trio. Those seem to be popular choices, too. Just let me know what you want!

Finally, I need some information in the invitation RSVP from each kid coming to the party. Please request two things from parents:

1: I need to know the name of the participant and their t-shirt size at least one week before the date of the party. In order to keep the party running smoothly, it is important that I have the names of the guests ahead of time. If you are requesting screen printing on the shirts I must have the design confirmation, and all the guests names and sizes 3 weeks before the date of the party. 

Kid sizes: Small is a 5-6, Medium 7-8, Large 10, and XL 12-14. The shirts are preshrunk, but take into account they may want these to last through summer. The rest of the adult sizes are pretty much standard.

2: Inform parents about the waiver they need to sign and send/bring to the workshop. It is also mandatory for each participant to have a waiver filled out before they can dye with us. This keeps me covered if someone decides to dye their hair blue. It also allows me to use pictures from the party for advertising. The waiver is available as a PDF on our website

You can always let me know if you have any more questions.

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