Sports Team Parties

A group photo of a team in the RND studio for a team party

Team Tie Dye for the win!

Show that team spirit! Invite us to come dye with you and your teammates at your next pep rally or team practice. For your next game, meet, matchor championship, or tournament, you can show your team spirit by sporting the spirit wear that you made yourself. 

What are team parties like? Tell me more!

We host parties both in our studio and at off-site locations. During our parties, teammates are guided through the process of making their own high-quality tie-dyed t-shirt. From folding to tying and dyeing, the kids learn it all. We use visual examples to show a variety of dye applications and styles. Then, they get to dye their own shirts from one of the different types of patterns they learned. The psychedelic t-shirts are packaged with care instructions for the kids to take home. We provide the three primary colors of tie-dying: fuchsia, turquoise, and yellow. From these three, a rainbow of colors can be created. As a bonus, we include our favorite fluorescent green! Want to request different colors? No Problem!

During the parties, about 20 minutes is allotted for snacks and social time. Want more time to socialize or have a dance party? Check out our party Add-ons!

Basic Sports Team Tie Dye Workshop Details

  • Cost: Please contact us for a quote.
  • Duration: 90 minutes
    • Please note: The purchase of 30 minutes additional studio time is required for groups of 20 or more. (Please contact us for details.). We also recommend extra time for groups of 16 or more. It takes extra time to dye when there are more participants.
  • What’s Included: a minimum of 1 party attendant, setup, paint to put handprints on a card to take home, pre-washed and prepared t-shirt, gloves, aprons, professional-quality dyes, tie-dye instruction from an experienced tie-dye artist, cleanup. Shirts will be packaged with care instructions for each participant to take home.
  • Optional Add-ons:
    • Custom Screen printed design on the shirts: (prices vary)
    • Additional 30 minutes: For an additional fee, kids age 8 and up can use our dice game “Left, Center, Right” or they have an additional 30 minutes to hoola hoop, dance or do a craft or game that you provide. Basically, you can use our studio space for 30 additional minutes.
    • Face Painting : (Prices vary based on the number of children.)  We reach out to our network of artists to see who is available. Fees for using face paint to transform your kiddos into all sorts of creatures, including (but not limited to) fairies, bugs or even cheeseburgers are determined by the individual artists. This will require the purchase of an additional 30 minutes.
    • Tree Hugger: $0, See Sustainability page for details

Please note: These parties vary depending on the number of participants and the age range of participants. Contact us so that we can customize this team bonding workshop to meet your specific needs.

Price quotes for private parties and classes are good for up to 90 days. After that time, prices are subject to change without notice.