Corporate Team Building

Tie dye team building?

Team building is one of Erin’s favorite workshops to facilitate. She has done it for corporations, nonprofits, and sports teams. In her words:

I believe that teams grow stronger by expressing gratitude and appreciation for their team members, allowing themselves to be vulnerable through the creative process, and working together to give back to the community.

What will my team do during the workshop?

Each member of the team:

  • tie-dyes a shirt for themselves
  • creates a mini tapestry or bandana that is donated to The Casey Cares Foundation, and/or Grateful Heads
  • makes a handmade card that we donate
  • participates in a 20-minute clean-up competition (Thanks to the Howard County Office of Sustainability for this great idea!)
  • additional activities that inspire the best of kind of team building.

Build each other up. Create a stronger team. Then, work together to give back to the community.

Be ready for the new monthly #TieDyeThursdays #TwentyMinuteCleanup tradition at the office. 🙂

A group of adults in aprons wave at the camera and smile in front of table full of shirts being tie-dyed
Aprons on, shirts tied, and ready to dye!

What’s included in a workshop?

  • Hands-on training with a tie dye artist (and an assistant as needed)
  • Prepared, pre-washed white t-shirts for each participant (we can adjust this based on what you want to dye)
  • Prepared bandana to dye and donate to The Casey Cares Foundation or Grateful Heads
  • Professional-quality dyes and materials
  • Gloves (and aprons upon request)
  • Finished shirt securely sealed in a bag with washing instructions
  • Space and time in our studio to tie dye
  • Service project opportunities
  • Photo props
  • Paint to put handprints on the wall of my studio (in-studio parties only)
  • All tools needed for the 20-minute clean-up
  • Supplies for additional activities

If you would like to extend your stay at the studio, there are many additional projects and activities to choose from. Team leaders choose activities that focus on Mindfulness, or Gratitude, and more service projects too.

Should you choose to extend your visit and have refreshments, please be sure to ask about our Tree Hugger Program.

Where will we dye?

You can come to our studio in Columbia or we travel pretty much anywhere!

  • We charge a $50 fee for non-studio events within 26 miles of our studio.
  • Off-site events further than 26 miles away cost $50 fee plus an additional $1 per mile.
  • We bring a 100-ft tarp as part of our kit to non-studio events.

If you schedule an in-studio party, each member will also paint on your hands and leave your mark on my studio walls!

What do participants have to say about their experiences?

We get positive feedback all the time from our team building clients. Michelle W. wrote:

I used Roll Up N Dye for a company team building event and I can’t say enough great things about the company and the owner, Erin Cassell. She was such a delight to work with and the team had the best time creating tie-dye shirts; men and women alike. They also made handmade cards and hand dyed bandanas for hospital patients (way to give back!).

You can book a party at her funky cool studio or she will come to you. She brought everything we needed: shirts, supplies, tables, etc.

If you are looking for a great corporate team building event or a fun party for kids or adults then you definitely need to try Roll Up N Dye!!

Some participants walk in unsure but end up really embracing the experience, like Tom M:

When I first heard we were going to do TieDye as corporate team building event, I was not sure what to expect and frankly, I was skeptical. This turned out to be one of the best team building events I have ever participated in. It was fun and got us to work together for a creative afternoon. Regardless of your skill or physical condition, or age, this is something everyone can do. It allows you to be creative while sharing the experience and you don’t need a helmet or running shoes, like many other team building exercises.

Along with the take-home tie dye shirt (which turned out to be awesome), we also made sharable tapestries and cards for kids undergoing treatments at the hospital. That was arguably the most satisfying part, knowing we were also helping to make someone else’s life better in the process.

I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to plan a team event.