Wanna Dye?


… anytime of the year, indoor or outdoor! We can even come to your party. Join us, and get ready for a colorful adventure as you learn how to Roll Up N Dye! We take reservations for any event. And by the end of our class you’ll have a one of a kind creation! Be sure to ask about our Colorful Abandon programs too.

Event Basics

What’s included in a typical event?

  • hands-on training with a tie dye artist (and an assistant as needed)
  • pre-washed white tee shirts for each participant (unless otherwise indicated in the event description)
  • professional-quality dyes and materials
  • gloves (and aprons upon request)
  • finished shirt securely sealed in a bag with washing instructions
  • space and time in our studio to tie dye
  • put your hand prints on our studio wall

Can you come to me?

We travel pretty much anywhere!

  • We charge a $50 fee for non-studio events within 26 miles of our studio.
  • Off-site events further than 26 miles away cost $50 fee plus an additional $1 per mile.
  • Hand prints on the studio wall and the crafts are not included for off-site events.
  • We bring a 100-ft tarp as part of our kit to non-studio events.

I wanna dye! What do I do now?

Step 1: Contact us

Once you reach out and share details about your workshop or event, we can choose the right elements to make it awesome!

Step 2: Sign the Waiver

If you wanna dye, you gotta sign! Before your party, sign the waiver and bring it with you to your workshop, party, or event.