Eco-Friendly, as much as we can be

Roll Up N Dye makes eco-friendly choices whenever possible. Tie dyeing can be a water-intensive process and parties often involve disposable waste, so Erin thinks a lot about how to minimize any impact from the events she hosts.

If I see a way that I can help, I do. I am a tree hugger. I conserve water by using a grey water system at my art studio. Most of the tools and materials I use are up-cycled. I pick up litter daily, and I teach children the importance of using our resources wisely.

Erin Cassell

Rewarding your eco-friendly choices

When you book a workshop, you always have the option to hug some trees and earn yourself a free tie-dyed reusable cloth napkin!

We invite you to join us by making some eco-friendly choices when purchasing items for your party. Balloons do not biodegrade and can pose a risk to animals who may eat them. Consider bringing large containers of beverages. I have Stainless Steel cups that you can borrow for the event. Water bottles and individual servings of drinks contribute to the plastic pollution problem. Please bring reusable, compostable or recyclable flatware and plates. You can borrow my tie dyed tablecloth and cloth napkins. We have napkins for up to 20 guests. If we must supplement with paper for the event, that is OK. Every little bit helps. We try to do our part and hope that we can inspire you to make some planet-friendly choices.

Here’s how the Tree Hugger package works

  • We provide:
    • Stainless steel cups for you to borrow (up to 20)
    • Tie Dyed Cloth Napkins and Tablecloths (up to 20)
    • Reusable kid-sized plates (up to 20)
  • You purchase or bring:
    • Beverages in large sizes (not individual servings)
    • No balloons (save the turtles!)
    • Reusable, compostable or recyclable flatware and plates (if you prefer not to use ours or you have a larger group)

If you follow these suggestions, you can tie-dye your own free cloth napkin to used at home or in their lunch that they take to work or school.