Eco-friendly, as much as we can

Roll Up N Dye makes eco-friendly choices whenever possible. Tie dyeing can be a water-intensive process and parties often involve disposable waste, so Erin thinks a lot about how to minimize any impact from the events she hosts.

If I see a way that I can help, I do. I am a tree hugger. I conserve water by using a grey water system at my art studio. Most of the tools and materials I use are up-cycled. I pick up litter daily, and I teach children the importance of using our resources wisely.

—  Erin Cassell

Making eco-friendly choices

When you book a workshop at our studio, you always have the option to hug some trees!

Step 1: Choose our tree-hugger add-on

It’s a free enhancement when you’re booking your event. Just ask! 


Step 2: Choose eco-friendly options when purchasing for your event

Some of our traditions around events can be less than eco-friendly, so we encourage you to make smarter choices and we’ll help!

Instead of balloons which do not biodegrade and can pose a risk to animals who may eat them, choose other decorations.

Instead of water bottles and individual servings of drinks that contribute to the plastic pollution problem, consider bringing large containers of beverages and borrowing our Stainless Steel cups for your event. If single-servings are important, consider water in aluminum bottles (like those from Open Water that you can reuse or recycle). You can also choose single-serving boxed water (recyclable).

Instead of plastic plates and flatware, choose reusable or compostable cutlery and borrow our reusable plates (up to 15 guests).

Instead of individually wrapped snacks that can recreate a lot of waste, consider purchasing “Family Size” snacks that can be shared.


Every little bit helps. We try to do our part and hope that we can inspire you to make some planet-friendly choices.

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