Dye Care

Post-workshop machine wash for high-efficiency washers

If you use a top loader, be sure to follow the specific directions below OR follow the hand washing instructions at the bottom.

  1. Keep your shirt wrapped in plastic for at least 24 hours.
  2. Put on waterproof Gloves (disposable or gloves similar to those used for washing dishes or cleaning around your home, etc) that are NOT used for food preparation, for washing dishes etc. Nor will they ever be used for food preparation or for washing dishes, after using them to handle and rinse out your tie dye t shirt or other items you have dyed with us. It is important to keep your tie dyes away from food preparation areas.  Take the shirt out of the plastic bag.
  3. While it is still banded begin to rinse in COLD water. Slowly remove the Rubber bands. Continue to rinse the shirt until the water RUNS CLEAR.
  4. Then use WARM and then HOT water (140+ degrees) to rinse until water runs almost clear. The goal here is to raise the temperature of the fabric. So, if you get tired of hand rinsing, simply fill your washer with HOT water with a small load size set on your machine. Put the dyed shirt in and let the machine do the work.
  5. Put your shirt into the washing machine ALONE or possibly with just 1-2 other dyed and rinsed items. If the shirts lay on themselves before the dye is washed out, you may have dye transfer to parts of the shirts where you do not want it. So, be mindful of that. Keep the shirts moving. (To conserve water, buddy up with a friend or two that tie-dyed with you. You could wash your shirts together.)
  6. Add 3 teaspoons of ORIGINAL formula Dawn Dish Soap in addition to using a laundry soap that contains no additives or bleach such as: Seventh GenerationDO NOT use fabric softener for the first wash.
  7. Choose a fast wash cycle for a MEDIUM size load. Wash in HOT water.
  8. After the first wash, remove the shirt and hand rinse it in HOT water to see if it still has dye remaining. If it does, repeat steps 4-8 one more time.
  9. Dry on medium heat setting.
  10. VOILA!! You have a vibrant fade resistant super groovy shirt to wear.
  11. For regular maintenance washing in the future, wash the shirt with other dark clothing. Keep in mind that hand-dyed items should be washed with items darker than they are. And remember, to be safe and avoid color transfers, keep the shirts moving. Do not let them sit wet in the washer with your clothing. Dry hand-dyed items immediately.

Post-workshop machine wash for non-high-efficiency washers

Follow the steps 1 and 2 above. The cool thing about the top loader is you can skip the majority of the hand rinsing in step 3. Let the machine do the work.

  1. Do a quick cold rinse by hand, then put the shirts into the washer and fill your washer with COLD water for a small load.
  2. Put the dyed shirts in and let the machine do the work.
  3. Once that’s complete, use WARM and then HOT water (140+ degrees) to rinse until water runs almost Clear. The goal here is to raise the temperature of the fabric. So, if you get tired of hand rinsing, simply fill your washer with HOT water for a small load. Put the dyed shirt in and let the machine do the work.

Now follow steps 5-10 listed above.

Dye Care for Wearable Art Purchased from Roll Up N Dye

Thanks for your purchase from Roll Up N Dye :o)

Here are some directions for washing to be sure your shirts stay happy and bright for years to come.

The garment has been washed in a textile detergent designed to remove excess dye from the material, however, as with all hand-dyed materials, it is possible for dye to transfer to skin or other clothing. While it’s unlikely for dye transfer to be a problem as we take great care in thoroughly washing garments prior to shipping, if you are concerned it is recommended you wash the garment prior to wearing.

Using a color-safe detergent such as Woolite (or any detergent free of optic brighteners) machine wash the garment in cold water. Only wash with dark colors. Tumble dry on low heat.

Following this procedure for all future washes will ensure your shirt stays vibrant and beautiful.

Post-workshop hand wash (especially for delicate items)

  1. Use the sink, a plastic tub, or anything not used for food preparation. Heat the water to 140°F (60°C).
  2. Add 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of the Dawn dish soap per gallon of water.
  3. Add the properly rinsed (see steps 3-4 above) hand dyed fabric. Swish your fabric around in the hot soapy bath for 5 to 10 minutes with a spoon or wooden dowel (that will never again be used for food preparation.) Rinse well in HOT water.
  4. To dry delicate items, roll them into a dry towel and squish out some excess water. Hang things to dry in a location that will not stain, should the item drip. Often, hand-dyed items will drip colorful water while drying. I hang mine over the laundry tub sink in case the fabric still has traces of dye that will drip.