Wash Instructions

Keep the dyed item FLAT, and sealed. Store the item in a sealed bag or container for at least 24 HOURS. The item MUST be warm/hot (minimum temp: 70°F) in order for the chemical reaction to occur.

  1. Put on waterproof gloves that you use for art or home projects. Please keep your dyed item away from food preparation areas.
  2. Take the item out of the plastic bag.
  3. Rinse in COLD water. Remove the rubber bands.
  4. Slowly increase the temperature of the water up to HOT until the water runs pretty clear.
  5. (If you tie-dyed a T-shirt) Put no more than two shirts in the machine for the first wash. Hot water at 140°F is optimal for dye removal.
  6. Add 2-3 teaspoons of ORIGINAL formula DAWN Dish Soap to a Small, Short, HOT Wash with HOT rinse. Do this twice.
  7. Tumble Dry on low.

The dish soap should remove excess dye from the material. However, as with all hand-dyed materials, it is possible for dye to transfer to skin or other clothing.

Always wash the item with dark clothing. Please use a color-safe detergent.

PLEASE rinse/reuse the rubber bands. The new, clean bag we packed your shirt in to take home, was given to us from a company that closed. The bags are upcycled. We encourage you to reuse this bag again. Before you throw it away, you could use it as a trash bag. As soon as these rescued bags are used up, we will be switching to compostable bags. Thank you for helping us reuse this “single use” plastic.


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